Made With Love

Made With Love

Gift of Love

Years ago—when I was single and sharing an apartment with a friend I had known for years—I was subjected to a firsthand lesson in how to go the extra mile. My friend was what you would call the “common man”, not really sophisticated or up on the social niceties. But, as I was soon to learn, he knew how to treat the woman he loved. Remember, we were barely out of our teens, and generally acted like it. We had our own apartment and lived pretty much the way we wanted.

I wasn’t even aware that Valentine’s Day was right around the corner that year because at the time I wasn’t really seeing anyone. However, one afternoon when I came home from work, I was immediately taken with a delicious aroma that permeated the apartment. This was shocking because the kitchen hadn’t been used since we moved in other than to store our favorite beverages in the refrigerator.

I Immediately investigated and found my friend—exasperated and frustrated—in the kitchen looking a large pan full of chocolate goo. The fantastic aroma was even more intense in the kitchen but I had no idea what was in the pan.

As it turned out, instead of doing the typical last minute, run to the drugstore thing, he was making homemade fudge to give to his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. He certainly wasn’t doing it to save money since the ingredients he had already bought obviously cost more than what the packaged candy would have cost.

This was his first attempt and the fudge simply wouldn’t set solid, but remained a gooey mess. Undeterred, he called home, spoke to his mother for advice and made another batch. This one not only smelled delicious, it also looked delicious. The next step he took was to cut it into squares, pack it carefully in a fancy box and slip a Valentine card under the ribbon.

The fact that he had the idea and motivation to make the candy especially for her bowled his girlfriend over and made him a hero.

I still think about this experience years later. In fact, it has become a tradition in our house for me to make my wife a present for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I have to work hard to come up with the right idea, and sometimes it may turn out to be rather lame, but she always loves it.