One Man's Valentine's Day Thoughts

One Man's Valentine's Day Thoughts

Valentine's Day-Inconvenient and Troublesome

Valentine’s Day is a very inconvenient and troublesome holiday for men. After all, Christmas is just over a month gone—along with a great deal of money and gift-giving aggravation—and here we are again, spending more money and experiencing the same aggravation.

Actually, Valentine’s Day is worse because, money aside, we’ve burned up all of our “gift-giving idea” brain cells over the Holidays. This is the reason drugstore chocolates and a mediocre dinner—after fighting the crowds and standing in line at chain restaurants—is what the girls usually end up with. Worst case for the men is if, exhausted by the strain of searching for a gift that is adequate to at least maintain our relationship with our valentine, we succumb to the ticking of the clock and spend a bundle on a necklace or bracelet advertised on television at a chain jewelry store. The “high” she experiences at the moment she receives the gift evaporates quickly the next day when she proudly shows her gift off to girlfriends and finds that all of them received the same mass produced, affordably priced trinket.

I’m not saying that Valentine’s Day is a lost cause—simply that is inconvenient and troublesome. Although, let’s be real, men get the short end of the stick on this deal!

  1. We are not genetically predisposed to giving gifts all the time.
  2. Also, it taxes our strength to attempt to find a gift that demonstrates our love and passion while not damning us to candy bar lunches for the foreseeable future.
  3. And, what’s with this: Who has the time to spend looking for a gift all the time, anyway. Think about it. Start off with Valentine’s Day go to Sweetest Day, Mother’s Day (don’t kid yourself, whether you have children or not, you are responsible for producing a gift, no matter who signs the card), birthdays and Christmas. I know there are more gift-giving occasions out there, but I’m feeling woozy.
  4. Finally, and this is the clincher, what do we get out of it? A nice card, a passionate kiss and a night of sensual bliss are all nice, but by the time we emerge from the carnage of battling the last minute crowds at the drugstore, we are in a zombie-like state and very little is remembered of that sensual bliss.

This is all I have to say on this subject, I’m tired and need to lay down.