Valentine’s Day Seduction

Valentine’s Day Seduction

and Valentine's Day Activities

Love is not always bubbling over like hot magma from the open mouth of a volcano. In fact, most of the times it blends into the fabric you weave as you live your life every day. Both spouses know love is the glue that binds them together, but kids, work and the everyday intimacy of living together isn’t always conducive to demonstrating it physically.

When necessary, one spouse must take the initiative to renew the loving relationship with a night of seduction and love. It isn’t always a simple process and it requires some decision-making but it certainly is worth the effort to re-ignite the passion in your relationship. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate love.

“To Do” List

  1. Arrange for the kids to spend the night with a relative.
  2. Contact relatives or friends who generally “drop in” unannounced and warn them off for the night.
  3. Turn off all cell phones
  4. Take the day off from work to set the stage.

Set the Stage

  1. Clean the house lightly, especially the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bath.
  2. Contact your spouse at work, tell them you have been thinking of them – a true statement – and ask them to leave work early for a special dinner at home.
  3. Ensure you have the groceries necessary to prepare the meal without having to make a store run at the last minute.
  4. Stand back and survey the dining room carefully. Experiment with different types of lighting such as adjusting the rheostat or track lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. Light candles and place them strategically around the room until the desired lighting effect is achieved.
  5. Prepare as much of the dinner as possible so that it will not take long or create a lot of hassle at the last minute. Stay away from using garlic and onions for the meal. Keep the meal as light as possible with a small dessert.
  6. Inspect the bath carefully. Make certain there is a new bar of soap and plenty of fresh towels and washcloths.
  7. Set the mood in the bedroom and give it a fresh look by stuffing the closets with all of the everyday clutter we collect daily. Once again, experiment with lighting effects and place candle safely in strategic areas. Romantic music played very softly contributes to the moment: Arrange the music ahead of time.
  8. Freshly laundered bedding lightly perfumed with the spouse’s favorite scent is the final touch.

Close the Curtain

  1. Take a shower and put on fresh seductive clothing before the spouse arrives home.
  2. Send the spouse upstairs to shower and change clothes as soon as they get home.
  3. Complete the dinner preparation, set the table and light the candles while the spouse is in the shower.
  4. Excuse yourself and leave the spouse at the table for a moment with a glass of wine. Go to the bedroom and put on the music, light the candles and turn down the bed.
  5. Change into skimpy clothing and get into bed.
  6. Call your spouse into the bedroom.

At this point no further instruction is needed.