Valentine's Day Date

Valentine's Day Date

Recharge Your Romance

Both spouses are generally employed trying to make ends meet. Even when one spouse works in the house it can be just as difficult as working at a job, especially when children are involved. Many times both spouses find it difficult to relate to each other’s situation and communication between them can become strained.

It’s necessary to reconnect from time to time and remind each other why you’re together in the first place. You can do this by going out on a date with each other, free of worry about the kids and the job, just like you used to before starting a household.

This is generally not something you can simply do without giving it a great deal of thought. The idea is arrange the job and household so they are secure and you don’t need to worry about them.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th every year. You know its coming and that gives you and your mate the opportunity to plan in advance for it.


Valentine’s Day generally falls on a weekday or when the next day is a workday. The working spouse must arrange well in advance to go to work later or take off the day after the Valentine’s Day date. Worrying about the job can ruin the date.


The stay-at-home spouse has to get the house in order before they can feel “free” while on the date. Before the Valentine’s Day date:

  1. Pay all bills that are due and even bills coming due later, if possible. Bills are one of the primary causes of nagging worry.
  2. Reserve a child-sitter if the kid is young and reserve a chaperone or house-sitter if the kids are older—no matter how old they are—you don’t want to wonder or worry about what’s happening at home while attaining that “free” feeling. A trusted relative is the best choice for either of these situations.
  3. Leave an emergency contact number, such as a cell phone, so you can be contacted if necessary. Otherwise, you’ll be wondering all night if you should call home and check up.
  4. Make reservations well in advance for restaurants, hotels and other activities. Spontaneity is romantic unless you spend the precious time on date night looking for a place to eat or stay. Besides you may be able to save money on either one.
  5. Both spouses should arrange for a trip to the barbershop or hairdresser as well as plan to dress up in their best clothes. This is a special occasion and must be treated as such.

Any holiday works well and simply planning a date at anytime is worthwhile.

But, you have to admit that Valentine’s Day is special for lovers and sets the mood for a recharging of your relationship.