Valentine's Day parties

Valentine's Day parties

Fun games ideas for couples and parties.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to innocently enjoy yourselves while stepping out of line a little bit. True, sexy games, especially with other like-minded party revelers—no matter what the justification—can result in strained relationships, or worse.

However, these games can be fun, stimulating and provide variety while bringing friends closer together. Again, all participants must know exactly what will be expected and have no reservations. Everybody must join in or nobody should participate.

A shrinking violet that changes their mind can’t stay and watch and if they leave they may start rumors that depict the festivities to be more debauched than they actually were. After all, they took the high road and chose not to participate. No, every invitee must to rock-ribbed solid on their intentions and follow through.

The Valentine’s Day games shown here are not lewd and do not involve sexual activity unless they are adapted with minimum effort by the participants.


Play Twister in the normal fashion. The only difference is that men wear only tightie-whities and women wear only panties (or thongs) and bras. It will be necessary to have enough twister supplies to accommodate the number of guests present so everyone can play concurrently. Be advised, this game goes south quickly as physical contact is initiated, lines of sight become up front and personal and natural physical reactions rear their head.

You’re a lifesaver

Cut matchsticks into one inch long pieces. Arrange the revelers in a circle sitting close to each other. Give everyone a one inch section of matchstick to grip in their teeth with most of it sticking straight out. Place a Valentine’s Day lifesaver candy on the matchstick held by the first person in line.

The objective is for the first person to turn to the player next to them and for both players to attempt to transfer the lifesaver from the first stick to the second. Without a doubt there is a great deal of lip-to-lip contact as this game is played. In fact, some of the participants are inclined to take the contact to absurd but pleasurable lengths.

Treasure Hunt

This game can be played by partners or by groups of partners. The amount of clothing is optional. The first participant lies flat on their back or stomach and places candy hearts on strategic locations on their body. The second participant is brought into the room wearing a blindfold with their hands loosely bound behind their backs and led to the side of their partner. Their job is to take their time and explore as much of their partners body with their lips to find as many candy hearts as possible in a three minute timeframe.

The imagination takes flight at the different permutations these games inspire.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day!