Valentine's Day Sensual Massage

Valentine's Day Sensual Massage

Treat Your Boyfriend

One of the nicest gifts you can give your boyfriend is a full-body massage. It is intimate, enjoyable and expresses your love. Depending on what stage of the romance you and he have arrived at determines whether or not the sensual massage will result in a “happy ending.”

If not, it is essential to tell him in advance that you are not yet ready but that this is another step along the way to get you to that point.

A memorable sensual massage requires a great deal of planning and preparation on your part.   


  1. Start research several weeks in advance. Go online or to the library and research sensual massages. You will quickly find every type of massage for every stage of a relation from friendship to ardent lover. You need to choose the type that most accommodates your situation.
  2. Purchase products that you may need such as oils, candles or other paraphernalia that may be needed. By starting the research early, you have time to find what you need.

Prepare your home or apartment:

  1. Determine a location. Your place is best because it gives you time and means to prepare the massage area.
  2. Make absolutely certain that roommates, friends and any others who may drop by or call know that your place is off limits for the night. Post a small sign on the door that notifies anyone who may knock at the door that you do not want to be disturbed. Turn off telephones.
  3. Make arrangements for someone else to take care of all pets for the night.
  4. Clean your home thoroughly. Remove all clutter and wash all bedding. If you have a pet—deodorize the place with a neutral scent—you may be so used to the smell of pets that you don’t notice it, but he will.
  5. Arrange for soft, restful music on a continuous loop. Do not play popular music that is loud or disruptive to the romantic mood you want to create. Borrow a CD player if necessary.
  6. Generally, the floor is the best place to conduct a sensual massage. Borrow or buy a soft comfortable rug that he can lay on while you massage.

Make the Date

  1. Contact you boyfriend at least one week previous to Valentine’s Day and make the date. This may seem silly since he should be planning to see you, but he may be making some plans or reservations for the two of you that don’t mesh with your plans.


  1. Dress seductively but comfortably so that you can move around without your clothing binding you during the massage. The better solution is to wear your best clothing and then remove it before the massage. You can remain somewhat dressed in red lace underwear.
  2. Have wine and chocolates available which are sexually stimulating foods. Do not plan on a meal before the massage. It is not comfortable to receive a massage on a full stomach.