Valentine's night fantasy

Valentine's night fantasy

A sweet treat

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to go way over the top and express your love and affection for your mate. On Valentine’s night you can live your fantasies without fear of laughter or rejection, and at the same time exercise your creative spirit with a tasty treat, with you as the main course. Sure, you will exchange a meaningful gift with your loved one and enjoy a nice dinner. And, of course, your partner will be expecting a night of romance after you get home.

This is where you blow his or her mind. Set the stage as usual with tastefully arranged candles casting a soft glow in the bedroom. Ensure that the background music is set at just the right volume and sprinkle rose petals across the bed sheets. Arrange yourself seductively on the bed and call your lover into the bedroom.

OK, this is where things take a radical departure.

Prior to Valentine’s Day, you do the following:

  1. Make a pair of candy panties by looping a string around your waist and cutting it to fit.
  2. Punch holes in small sugar coated jellied candy with a toothpick and thread them onto the string and tie it off. Leave the waist string loose enough so that you can slip into it.
  3. Hold the waist string in place—you may need the help of a friend for this step— and loop several strings, threaded with a variety of candy, enough to barely cover your privates, from the front of the waist string between your legs and over your butt back up to the back of the waist string where you tie it off.
  4. Next, make a simple belt of strings threaded with candy to drape across your breasts.

We’re now back to Valentine’s night in the bedroom and your lover opens the door and sees you waiting on the bed dressed in sugar candy.

Well, you take it from here!