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A Special Valentine’s Day

Give the Gift of Togetherness

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and therefore is one that deserves some advance planning. The special day comes on the heels of the holiday season which means money for a gift might be tight. Fortunately, it is possible to give her a gift that she remembers for years to come and you both thoroughly enjoy that won’t put you in the poor house.

The key to making her Valentine’s Day a success is dedicating the time necessary to plan and prepare. The day should be a whirlwind of activities without hesitation or taking time out for decision-making in-between. Perform advance research to find unusual and interesting places to visit. Attempt to find activities that are in common with her interests where possible. Have a camera or even a cell phone to record the events of the day as they occur. Be certain to take as many photos and movies as possible.

  1. Plan to take off from work Valentine’s Day and pre-arrange with your loved one for her to take off work at the lunch hour. You want her to be at her workplace in the midst of her fellow employees for the next step.
  2. Pick up flowers that are already reserved at the florist. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on the flowers. Simply ensure they are a colorful assortment with some of her favorites blended in with the arrangement.
  3. Go to her office immediately before lunch and take the flowers to her work station. This has to be prearranged with her supervisor. Receiving the flowers from you makes her the center of attention and the envy of her co-workers. Don’t dawdle at her workstation, present the flowers to her and go the reception area to wait for her to get off work.
  4. Take your significant other to lunch as soon as she gets off work at noon. Someplace you don’t usually go such as sidewalk hot dog vendor or a picnic in the park.
  5. Enjoy an afternoon at the zoo or an amusement park. Miniature golf or bowling also activities that you can enjoy together.
  6. Prepare a candlelight carpet-dinner at your place. Spread a blanket out on the living room carpet with candles lighting the room. Serve a simple meal of fruit, sliced meats, cheeses and French bread with wine. Don’t attempt to get a seat at a restaurant. Valentine’s Day is generally fully booked with reservations and a long waiting line for walk-ins.
  7. Finish the evening with several romantic rental movies.
  8. Download the pictures and movies onto the computer and make a CD of the day’s events for her to enjoy whenever she wishes.